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I. Purpose and Scope


Student employment is an important university resource as well as an opportunity for individual students to support their educations and gain work experience. To ensure that this resource is allocated on the basis of university and unit needs and that student employees are appropriately supervised, this policy specifies who at the university has authority to hire and supervise student-employees.

II. Definitions



III. Policy


A. Hiring Authority

The Student Employment Office authorizes requests from units to post student-employee positions and authorizes the hiring of students into positions.

1. The dean, director, and/or department head, or their designees, within each unit approve all requests to create and post positions and to hire student-employees into positions.

2. Faculty members may request of their department head (or equivalent supervisor) approval to employ students in a particular project on a short-term basis by presenting a description of the project, the proposed duties of the position, the proposed weekly hours, and the proposed duration of the position.

3. Signed contracts between the university and the outside agencies involved are required to post off-campus student employment positions.

4. The student’s co-op advisor, in addition to the unit head, must approve the hiring of a co-op student to an on-campus position

B. Supervising Authority

Except as provided below, only deans, directors, department heads, and their designees may supervise student-employees on campus. The Student Employment Office serves as supervisor for students employed by off-campus agencies.

1. In the School of Law, faculty members may supervise students working in research roles.

2. Faculty members serving as center directors may supervise students provided the student-employee’s job directly relates to the work of the center.

3. Faculty members granted approval to hire student-employees under the terms of A.2 above may act as supervisors upon the recommendation of their dean, director and/or department head and with the approval of the Student Employment Office.

4. A student-employee’s job responsibilities are specified in the position posting. Supervisors may not ask student-employees to perform duties beyond those approved in the position posting.

IV. Additional Information


The Student Employment Office will deny further approval to hire student-employees to units or supervisors that fail to adhere to this policy.

V. Contact Information


Student Employment Office

271 Huntington Avenue, Suite 276

Phone: 617.373.3200

Fax: 617.373.5175

Email: studentemployment@neu.edu

Responsible Office/Department(s)

Student Employment

Student Financial Services

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