Policy on Use of Social Media by Student-Athletes

Policy Number: 805

Students and Athletics

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I. Purpose and Scope


Northeastern University understands that student-athletes engage in the use of social media. However, every student-athlete must remember that playing and competing for the university is a privilege. Student-athletes have the responsibility to portray themselves, their teams and the university consistent with the mission of the Athletics Department. Although student-athletes are not prohibited from using online social media sites or digital platforms, student-athletes must understand the potential pitfalls and dangers associated with such outlets. This policy applies to all student-athletes in their use of social media.

II. Definitions



III. Policy


The university prohibits its student-athletes from displaying inappropriate content or behavior on the internet, including on social media sites. The university, including coaches and administrators, may monitor the activity of student-athletes on social media.

Inappropriate or prohibited conduct may include, but is not limited to:

  • Posting photos, videos, or comments showing the personal use or condoning the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Posting photos, videos, or comments that are obscene. This includes posting links to websites that contain such material.
  • Using inappropriate or offensive language in comments, videos, or postings, such as threats of violence or derogatory comments pertaining to race or gender, or other violations of university policy.
  • Violations of this policy may jeopardize an individual’s status as a student-athlete and may result in disciplinary action up to and including separation from the university.

IV. Additional Information

Think twice before posting. Everything you post is public information. Any text or photo placed online is completely out of your control once it is placed online—even if you limit access to your site.

Use caution when adding someone to your site.

Be respectful. Be positive and treat others the way you would want to be treated. If mentioning an opposing team or opposing player, only do so in a positive manner.

Be honest. Be transparent and always tell the truth.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t openly say in the workplace. Comments that include mention of drug use, profanity, off-color or sexual humor, ethnic slurs, personal insults, or other inflammatory language should not be used.

Be in the right state of mind when you make a post. Do not post when your judgment is impaired.

Remember that the Internet is permanent. Even if you delete a post, it still exists online and can be found.

Limit the posting of personal information. To minimize your risk for being a victim of criminal activity, do not post your home address, local address, telephone number, birthdate, or team travel arrangements.

Injury information and team matters should never be shared. Do not post information about injuries — yours or your teammates — and never engage in gossip or share information about team-related matters.

Every day is a job interview. Be aware that employers, graduate school personnel, and scholarship committees often review social media sites as part of applicant evaluation.

Always follow NCAA rules. It is your responsibility to follow NCAA rules when posting content on a social media account. If you are unsure, ask.

V. Contact Information

Athletics Compliance Office at (617) 373-6399

Responsible Office/Department(s)


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Last Revision Date: 2022-10-26

Issued: 2013-09-01