Policy on All Gender Housing

Policy Number: 800

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I. Purpose and Scope


All Gender Housing gives students the option to reside with another student, regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or gender expression.

II. Definitions


All Gender Housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students agree to share a multiple-occupancy apartment or suite, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex, gender, gender identity or gender expression.

III. Policy


The university will offer options for All Gender Housing in select on-campus residence units during the room selection process for upper-class students. First-year students must contact The Office of Housing & Residential Life directly to be considered for All Gender Housing. Such cases will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Only those students who indicate a preference for All Gender Housing will be eligible for placement in All Gender Housing. Placement in All Gender Housing is subject to availability, and no student is guaranteed All Gender Housing. If a resident in a designated All Gender Housing unit leaves the unit for any reason, the space may be filled with another student who wishes to reside in All Gender Housing.

IV. Additional Information


Northeastern strongly discourages students who are in a romantic or sexual relationship with one another from living together in university housing.

Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the All Gender Housing Agreement to live in All Gender Housing.


V. Contact Information

Housing & Residential Life
4 Speare Hall
(617) 373-2814

Responsible Office/Department(s)

Housing & Residential Life

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Version History

Last Revision Date: November 3, 2016

Issued: January 1, 2008