Policy on Requiring Registration of University Travel

Policy Number: 612

Safety and Security

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I. Purpose and Scope


Northeastern University is committed to the health, safety and security of all members of the university community. As a global institution, our community members undertake travel for teaching, research, academics, consulting, service, athletics, cocurricular activities, experiential learning and business purposes intended to advance the mission of the university. This policy sets out the requirements for travel registration so that the university can easily locate and communicate with travelers when conditions or events may affect traveler safety and itineraries. The policy applies to all university-sponsored travel, whether individual or in groups, by students, faculty and staff.

II. Definitions


For purposes of this policy,

University Travel means academic, business, extra- or co-curricular travel that is part of a university program or project, authorized by, at the request of, funded, coordinated or administered by Northeastern University. Such travel may include but is not limited to teaching, study, research, consulting, conference attendance, co-op, service, administrative work, field studies, volunteer work, performances, athletic contests, and trips in connection with a university recognized student organization, academic or administrative unit, such as Advancement events, and Admissions outreach. University Travel does not include an individual’s commute from their residence to their primary work site, travel within the region of their primary work site (including travel to or between campus locations during the work day with no overnight stay or international border crossing), or personal side trips or personal business in which employees may engage in conjunction with university related travel.

III. Policy


All travel entails some degree of risk, with travel to some locations involving relatively higher levels of risk. In order to effectively promote the safety and security of university travelers, all university travel must be registered in the university’s travel registry in advance, generally when transportation is booked. Registration not only makes possible delivery of destination-specific travel advice to travelers’ computers or mobile devices, but also assists the university and its travel partners in identifying travelers in specific locations and in providing, where appropriate and practicable, information and assistance in response to events that might present health and safety risks to travelers, such as natural disasters, pandemics or disease outbreaks, terrorism or civil unrest.

IV. Additional Information


Additional requirements for university-sponsored travel are included in the Policy on Travel to High-Risk and Sanctioned Destinations.

V. Contact Information


Global Safety Office, mytravelplans@northeastern.edu or 617-373-2121.

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Version History

Last Revision Date: December 19, 2022

Issued: February 4, 2021