Policy on Performance and Development for Staff Employees

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Human Resources

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I. Purpose and Scope


Northeastern University, through Human Resources (HR), has established a performance and development process to provide feedback to employees on how they are meeting the requirements and expectations of their jobs. The process includes an end of year evaluation intended to provide employees with an assessment of their performance. The performance and development process can also assist employees and managers in setting goals, defining job expectations, and improving and enhancing performance. This policy applies to all staff employees in administrative/professional, office support and technical positions.

II. Definitions


Performance and Development Process is the annual cycle by which university staff employees and managers together set goals and expectations, give and receive feedback, and measure performance.

Setting Goals and/or Expectations is the start of the annual cycle where the manager and employee meet to review the expectations of the employee’s role and, where appropriate, set performance and development goals for the coming year.

Mid-Year Review is a formal discussion to review performance to date and, where appropriate, assess whether employees are on track to achieve their goals and whether goals need to be added or amended.

Self-Assessment is the opportunity for the employee to formally document successes and opportunities for improvement to be included in their Performance Evaluation.

Performance Evaluation refers to the formal documentation of employee performance that occurs at the end of the fiscal year.

Performance Review refers to the formal conversation that the manager and their employee have at the end of the fiscal year to discuss the Performance Evaluation and outline areas of focus for the next year.

III. Policy


Northeastern’s performance and development process seeks to create and foster regular communication between managers and staff wherever possible about opportunities for ongoing development to support and advance the university’s mission. Performance is measured against key job responsibilities, demonstration of skills and competencies, and, where appropriate, achievement of goals. Administrative/professional, office support and technical staff are expected to draft goals and/or expectations at the beginning of the fiscal year. Performance and development should be a continuous and ongoing process.

Managers should strive to provide ongoing feedback about performance and discuss development opportunities throughout the year and must then document performance assessment in the annual year-end evaluation. Employees have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment that they provide to their managers for inclusion in the performance evaluation. Managers and supervisors should conduct annual performance evaluations. HR establishes standards for this process and may revise them from time to time. Additionally, managers and supervisors should conduct performance reviews to discuss the evaluation with each of their employees. Managers are strongly encouraged to conduct a mid-year review to discuss performance to date and, where appropriate, assess whether employees are on track to achieve their goals and whether goals need to be added or amended.

IV. Additional Information


Leaders and key contacts should proactively engage HR Business Partners in discussions about unsatisfactory employee performance, performance improvement plans and/or potential employee discipline.

Guidelines for performance evaluations are prepared by HR and distributed to department heads and are subject to modification by the university from time to time.

Further information and training on the performance and development process can be found here: https://northeastern.instructure.com/courses/30214


    V. Contact Information


    Human Resources Service Team: 216 Mass Ave; 617-373-2230; hrst@northeastern.edu

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    Human Resources

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