Policy on Employment of Relatives

Policy Number: 402

Human Resources

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I. Purpose and Scope


To provide guidance on the employment of relatives of employees including job offers/appointments, transfers, and promotions.

II. Definitions


For the purposes of this policy,

A relative is defined as a spouse, domestic partner (and in Canada, common law partner), parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild of the employee. Relatives also include relationships arising outside of marriage, such as stepchild or step-parent, or relationships that exist for those whose living arrangements approximate family arrangements.

III. Policy


The university makes staff and faculty appointments and advancements based on a candidate’s qualifications and on the basis of merit. The university does not automatically bar from employment or advancement someone with meritorious qualities because a close relative of the individual happens to be in the employ of the university. The university will not appoint or make employment decisions about individuals because of a close family relationship with a member of the university faculty or staff.

This policy precludes employees from evaluating the work performance of a relative and making decisions concerning hiring, salary, or similar financial decisions about a relative.

Employment of relatives in the same department

If it is proposed that an individual may be appointed to a position in a department where his or her relative is employed, the hiring supervisor must contact Human Resources (HR) to review and determine if the potential for an actual or perceived conflict of interest exists. If the universitydecides to appoint the individual to a position in that department, HR will assist in developing appropriate reporting relationships for the relatives.

IV. Additional Information


Violations of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment. In Canada, violation of this policy my constitute cause for termination.

    V. Contact Information


    Human Resources: 216 Mass Ave; 617-373-2230; hrst@northeastern.edu

    Responsible Office/Department(s)

    Human Resources

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