Policy on Media Relations

Policy Number: 119

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I. Purpose and Scope


This policy is intended to promote effective communication with the media about the University’s mission and activities and compliance with University policies, laws and regulations about confidentiality of University records. It applies to all staff and faculty.

II. Definitions



III. Policy


The Office of Communications in External Affairs is responsible for initiating and responding to media contacts and requests, and for managing those interactions. Accordingly, all staff members are required to coordinate with the Office of Communications before responding to a press inquiry.

Staff members who have media relations as part of their job responsibilities must coordinate these efforts with the Office of Communications.

Faculty members are encouraged to speak with the press on issues relevant to their academic discipline or research. In communicating with the press, faculty members are also encouraged to coordinate with the Office of Communications for guidance or assistance on the most effective strategies regarding press requests for comments, and the promotion of new research and published work.

Faculty members — including those with administrative responsibilities — who receive requests for comment on behalf of the university in connection with their administrative responsibilities or about university policy not pertaining to their individual academic discipline or research as faculty members must coordinate with the Office of Communications.

Stories about university policy or other institutional issues not relevant to their individual academic discipline or research, are encouraged to coordinate responses to such requests with the Office of Communications.

IV. Additional Information



V. Contact Information



Assistant Vice President of Communications – 617-373-7424

Media Relations Specialist – 617-373-5740 or 617-373-7996

Responsible Office/Department(s)

Office of Marketing

Office of Communications

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Last Revision Date: July 13, 2018

Issued: January 1, 2010