Policy on Media Contacts Regarding Athletics

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Students and Athletics

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I. Purpose and Scope


This policy addresses and applies to all communication between athletic staff or student-athletes and the media and other contacts related to public relations matters. The Office of Athletic Communications (“the office”) serves as a conduit between Northeastern Athletics (“the department”), student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, and the media. The office provides coverage of athletic programs by coordinating interviews, servicing information needs of reporters, and compiling and maintaining statistics, photos, and records.

II. Definitions



III. Policy

The office manages the department’s marketing and communications and may establish procedures applicable to athletic staff and student-athletes. The office is responsible for authorizing the publication and/or disclosure of information relating to the university’s intercollegiate athletics program to the public, including but not limited to all websites, social media accounts, programs, brochures, interviews with athletic staff/student-athletes, press conferences, event coverage and television/radio appearances.

Athletic staff and student-athletes must inform and obtain the consent of the Assistant Athletic Director (Communications) or designated staff member prior to discussing with the media any item concerning Northeastern’s intercollegiate athletics program.

The Director of Athletics retains ultimate authority over and responsibility for determining which information and commentary are appropriate to share with the media. The office prohibits athletic staff and student-athletes from making statements to the media that are inaccurate, unfair or intended to embarrass or defame any person.

All interviews and other contacts with the media must be arranged through the office. When possible, a team’s office representative should be present at any interview or other media contact involving a team member of coach. The office should be immediately informed of any issues arising from a student-athlete’s contact with the media.

Coaches should not disclose to or discuss with the media any information concerning a team or student-athlete (e.g. injuries) without prior knowledge and approval of the Assistant Athletic Director (Communications) or designee. Coaches are expected to exercise sound judgment when commenting on any topic brought up by a media member. Coaches should be courteous with members of the media at all times, even in difficult situations. Coaches should honor all deadlines when submitting information for rosters, schedules, publicity questionnaires, and athletic events, to the office. Head coaches are responsible for providing student-athletes with specific guidelines for speaking to the media.

No athletic staff member or student-athlete should share personal contact information with the media.

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V. Contact Information

Athletics Communications Office at (617) 373-8948

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