Policy on Pets on Campus

Policy Number: 610

Safety and Security

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I. Purpose and Scope


The presence of pets in campus classrooms, housing, work areas, and research areas can be disruptive to the work and academic environment, and may pose health concerns for some members of Northeastern University community. This policy addresses pets on all property owned and controlled by the university and applies to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, volunteers, contractors, vendors and community members.

II. Definitions



III. Policy


The university prohibits pets in university-owned or leased buildings, except as required by law or as provided below. In addition, while outdoors on university property, visiting pets must be supervised, under the control of the owner and appropriately restrained at all times. 

IV. Additional Information


In residential halls fish are permissible in containers with a maximum volume equal to or less than 25 gallons.

V. Contact Information

Housing and Residential Life

Northeastern University Public Safety Division


Responsible Office/Department(s)

Housing and Residential Life

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Pets; Dogs; Fish; Animals

Version History

Last Revision Date: October 30, 2014

Issued: January 1, 1974