Policy on Health and Safety (CAN)

Policy Number: 603-CAN

Safety and Security

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This policy applies to Northeastern University Canadian Campuses only.

I. Purpose and Scope


Northeastern University is committed to the promotion of the health, safety and well-being of all members of the university community, the provision of a safe and healthy work and study environment, and the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses. This policy applies to all faculty, staff and students, as well as visitors, contractors and agents, and to all activities undertaken at any university campus, as well as to off-campus activities undertaken in support of teaching or research, including but not limited to field studies.

II. Definitions


III. Policy


It is in the best interest of everyone to consider health and safety in every activity. Commitment to health and safety forms an integral part of this university.
The university, the President and all levels of management will work in consultation and cooperation with university employees, joint health and safety committees, students, contractors and visitors to fully implement the requirements of applicable occupational health and safety legislation, including all regulations and applicable policies, and to integrate them into all university work and study activities.

Where reasonable, the university will strive to exceed the legislated requirements by adopting the best practices available to protect the university community and to promote a progressive health and safety culture. The university will strive to continuously improve its health and safety program.

The university, as employer, is ultimately responsible for employee health and safety, and will comply with its duties under the provincial occupational health and safety legislation, such as taking every reasonable precaution for the protection of its employees in the workplace.

Managers and supervisors, whether academic or administrative, will take responsibility and accountability for the health and safety of all employees under their direction and those workplaces that they are in charge of. They will advise their employees of the existence of potential or actual workplace hazards, and will ensure that they work safely and in accordance with applicable occupational health and safety legislation, as well as applicable university policies and procedures. As with the university, managers and supervisors will take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of their workers.

All university employees are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Employees must work safely and in compliance with applicable occupational health and safety legislation, as well as university policies and procedures. Employees will receive information, training and competent supervision in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety. Employees must report all unsafe and/or unhealthy conditions and practices in the workplace to their immediate supervisors so that they may be remedied.

Contractors, suppliers, tenants and visitors at the university shall comply with all relevant legislation as well as the university’s established policies and procedures.

The university is also committed to considering and promoting health and safety in all aspects of student life. Like employees, students are responsible for conducting themselves in a safe manner, and are required to comply with all relevant legislation as well as established university policies and procedures.

Individuals who fail to meet their obligations concerning health and safety may, depending on the circumstances, face appropriate disciplinary action, including termination of employment for just cause or expulsion (as applicable).

IV. Additional Information



V. Contact Information


If you need help or information about environmental health and safety matters, call Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) at 617-373-2769 or e-mail at ehs@northeastern.edu.

For urgent environmental health and safety matters, call the Department of Public Safety (Campus Police), at 617-373-3333.


Responsible Office/Department(s)

Environmental Health and Safety

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Issued: September 1, 2016