Policy on Re-Employment and Credit for Service

Policy Number: 413

Human Resources

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I. Purpose and Scope


The university will consider former employees who left the university in good standing as candidates for re-employment.

II. Definitions


Service date reflects the date that an employee enters into a benefits eligible position or if rehired consistent with this policy, date that reflects prior benefits eligible service. 

This service date is used for calculating eligibility and accumulation rates for paid vacation time, sick leave, employee recognition award purposes. 

Waiting period as referenced in this policy means the period of time an employee must work before becoming eligible for a benefit.

III. Policy


Faculty and Staff, who are rehired within two years or less of leaving the University, may have a revised service date that credits previous benefits-eligible employment with the University. 

Faculty and Staff who are rehired within three months of leaving the University, will not incur a break in their service date. 

If service requirements had previously been met for eligibility for various benefits, the waiting period does not apply. (i.e. tuition waiver, disability insurance, retiree and early retiree designation). 

Previous employment in a benefits-eligible position at the university will be credited toward the two-year waiting period for participation in the Basic Retirement Plan. If the former employee already met the eligibility for the Basic Retirement Plan, regardless of the break in service length, the two-year waiting period does not need to be met again. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify HR of their rehire status by completing the appropriate waiver form. 

A rehired employee must fulfill the usual waiting period for health, dental, life insurance, disability insurance, tuition benefits, retiree and early retiree designation.

IV. Additional Information


Please refer to individual benefit plan certificates, policies, and summary plan descriptions for specific eligibility guidelines and waiting periods. Individuals interested in re-employment should contact HR to discuss specific questions. 

V. Contact Information

Human Resources: 216 Mass Ave; 617-373-2230; hrst@northeastern.edu

Responsible Office/Department(s)

Human Resources

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Issued: April 2, 2014